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Street Steam

Street Steam

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Winter in the city can be harsh and cold—but also yields a chilling and romantic beauty.

Steam from the sewers, grates, and manholes happens when the warm sewer system mixes with the cold open city air. The sub-zero temperatures along with with the hot water of nearby apartments, restaurants and local businesses creates a dramatic visual tension in the form of hot rising steam.  

Synonymous with large metropolis areas, the foggy steam adds an undeniable character and mystery to the city.

Hoards of stubborn pedestrians opt to battle the elements rather than use the city’s ever-so reliable transit system. In return, the steam acts as yet another obstacle on top of the crazy drivers, crazier cyclists, and indifferent TTC streetcars.

However, the steam does bring a moment of warmth to the city’s homeless—for better or worse. Chalk it up as a mere annoyance of city-living, but it’s a sight to behold for anyone who appreciates the magic of the winter air.

Printed on archival acid-free fine art paper, this moody urban piece is ideal for your home—the perfect décor for any room in the house.

Winter is coming—along with the steam—are you ready?

NOTE: Prints do not come with frames.

  • size: 11 x 14 inches

  • print only (frame not included)

  • limited run

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